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3 LSP Alum and CodeBoxx

Get ready for an exhilarating tale of connection, collaboration, and community impact in Leadership St. Pete (LSP)! This story demonstrates how the bonds forged in LSP are not only invaluable but, in this case, 2nd 2NONE!

Every LSP class, past and future, emphasizes the importance of building relationships. However, three trailblazers from the LSP Class of 2022 took it up a notch, igniting a powerful partnership with CodeBoxx Technology Corp.

CodeBoxx arrived in St. Pete in 2021, backed by local investors, the EDC, and the Chamber. Each class member forged their own unique connection with CodeBoxx, but it was Kim Vogel who first introduced the tech powerhouse to LSP during her time at the St. Pete Chamber. As she planned the LSP Education seminar, she invited CodeBoxx to share their groundbreaking approach to sourcing and developing tech talent. The class quickly recognized CodeBoxx's dedication to workforce development as a vital force in strengthening Tampa Bay's presence as a burgeoning tech hub.

In a thrilling turn of events, just weeks before graduating from LSP, Vogel joined CodeBoxx's leadership team as VP of People and Community Development. Her LSP network swiftly rallied to champion CodeBoxx's mission and uplift the St. Pete community. The excitement was contagious, and more classmates eagerly jumped on board to refer students to CodeBoxx’s lifechanging programs and evangelize their mission.

As CodeBoxx expanded, so did their need for talent. In September, LSP Class of 2022 graduate Brian Peret joined as Program Director, using his passion for software development and community to revamp the full stack development program curriculum. Soon after, fellow 2022 graduate Danielle Guarino was hired as Director of Marketing and Communications to support CodeBoxx's growth.

The crowning moment came in January 2023 when CodeBoxx hosted their first hackathon. Students provided pro bono website redesigns for three local nonprofits, including the Barbershop Book Club, led by LSP Class of 2022 graduate Antonio Brown.

CodeBoxx's success story is a testament to the transformative power of Leadership St. Pete, showcasing the incredible achievements that arise when leaders unite to support not only their community but each other.


Photo (from left: Kim Vogel - VP of People and Community Development, Brian Peret - Program Director, and Danielle Guarino- Director of Marketing and Communications)

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