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A Successful and Meaningful Polar Plunge

Melanie Bowman (Class of 2022)

To most people, the thought of jumping into a pool when it's below 50 is cringeworthy - but the cold couldn't stop the LSP Class of 2022. During their recent State Government Seminar, LSP classmates took a break from hearing about state legislative priorities for a meaningful, memorable adrenaline rush.

The class created a "refreshing" way to raise donations for their class project, Clam Bayou Marine Education Center. By committing to a polar plunge in the near-freezing hotel pool, family, friends, and colleagues of the current class responded with pledges of $500 or more.

The class viewed the plunge as an opportunity to rise to a challenge but seized the moment to express their creativity and bond as a class. One class member, Kyandra Darling, with Foundation for a Healthy St. Pete, urged, “This is bigger than you not wanting to be cold or uncomfortable. We all need to plunge!”

With over $11,000 pledged in three days, several classmates proudly jumped into the pool wearing bear costumes, teenage mutant ninja turtle attire, and reindeer antler accessories. When the class members jumped in, “Waves of Inspiration” could be felt around the entire pool.

With frozen toes and warm hearts, the LSP class of 2022 walked away from the hotel pool feeling the same intense inspiration the youth feel at Clam Bayou Marine Education Center, where many children/students are moved to become active environmental and ocean stewards as well as pursue pathways toward careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) — an especially critical mission for underserved communities that traditionally lack access to such programming.

To make the “Waves” at Clam Bayou bigger and stronger, please consider donating to the LSP Class of 2022 “Waves of Inspiration” project through the Bay Area Chamber Foundation by clicking here to donate. Click here to learn more about the “Waves of Inspiration” project.

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