Illuminating Connections: The LSPAA Flow and Glow Happy Hour

Celebrating Community and Innovation with Leadership St. Pete Alumni

Sheron Brown, Ph.D.

The Leadership St. Pete Alumni Association (LSPAA) recently hosted an invigorating and unique event, the "Flow and Glow Happy Hour," also fondly known as the Healthy Happy Hour. This gathering was not just an ordinary social event; it was a vibrant celebration of community, leadership, and local entrepreneurship.

Set in the dynamic space of Thrive DTSP, a hub for growing businesses, the event provided an ideal backdrop for reconnecting and networking. Thrive DTSP's commitment to fostering a thriving business community perfectly complemented the evening's theme. (Learn more about Thrive DTSP here).

The highlight of the evening was the showcase of two rising stars in the St. Pete business scene: Fungible Chocolates and Herban Flow. Fungible Chocolates, known for their exquisite and innovative adaptogen-infused chocolate creations, delighted the taste buds of all attendees. (Discover more about Fungible Chocolates here). Herban Flow added to the evening's allure with their adapotegen-infused unique offerings, marking their presence as a significant addition to the local business landscape. (Explore Herban Flow here).

Adaptogens consist of various plant-based elements, including herbs, roots, and even certain fungi, which assist the body in coping with stress and reestablishing equilibrium following stressful events. These natural substances are commonly consumed as herbal supplements in capsule form, infused in teas, or incorporated as powders in a variety of foods such as soups and smoothies.

This event was more than just an opportunity to savor delicious treats and beverages. It was a chance for members of various LSP graduating classes to reconnect with old friends, forge new connections, and stay "in the know" about the evolving St. Pete community. The evening was a testament to the LSPAA's commitment to furthering leadership skills, strengthening community ties through service, and expanding the network of alumni and local leaders. As a bonus, attendees were able to get a head start on their holiday shopping by supporting local businesses.

The response from the attendees was overwhelmingly positive. Many expressed that the Flow and Glow Happy Hour was a perfect embodiment of what the alumni association should strive for - fostering a sense of community while highlighting local innovation. The event's success was evident as several members chose to rejoin the association that very night, reinvigorating their commitment to the LSPAA's mission.

In essence, the Flow and Glow Happy Hour was a celebration of the spirit of St. Pete - a community that values leadership, connection, and the support of local businesses. It was an evening that illuminated the power of collaboration and community, a true reflection of the ethos of the Leadership St. Pete Alumni Association.

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