2022 Fundraising Fish Fry

A Fantastic Time Was Had by All!

Lynne Donahoe (Class of 2016)

On April 3rd, the current LSP Class of 2022, “Second to None,” hosted a lively and entertaining Cook-Out Fish Fry to raise funds for their current class project. The event was held outdoors on a beautiful Sunday at the Morean Center for Clay.

The food was fantastic. Fish Fryer, Tee G., manned the oil drum smoker. I asked if he had caught all the fish. Tee stated, “no, but I cleaned everyone!”. There was also a grill chef slamming out burgers and hot dogs. Rounding out the main dishes, heaping bowls of sides could be found inside on the buffet table. From cooked greens to fresh salads to sweet desserts, everything seemed made with love and homemade. No one left hungry.

Adding to fun and fundraising, additional tickets could be purchased for activities. These proved effective at opening the wallets of happy attendees. The most active fundraising add-on may have been the wine bottle ring toss, which seemed as popular to play as it was to watch. Winners walked away with a bottle of wine for each ring that landed on its target. It was a fantastic family event. If the sheer number of attendees is a sign of success, then the event should go a long way towards project funding goals.

Visit the 2022 LSP Class Project Page

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