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Meet Cassandra Smalley! LSPAA's June Alumni Spotlight

Meet Cassandra Smalley! Class of 2018 graduate and the current Leadership Development Committee Chair and Board member for LSPAA.

Cassandra has been pouring into all things LSP and LSPAA since graduation, serving on the Planning Committee in 2019 and 2020 and as an LSPAA Board member since 2020. Most recently she contributed to the raving success of Inside St. Pete. This one-day immersive experience co-hosted with LSPAA and the St. Petersburg Chamber was designed for newcomers and long-time residents looking for a deeper discovery of St. Pete. Topics ranged from key issues, our history, and a trolley tour to meet other leaders and see our city in action!

In addition to serving on the LSPAA Board, Cassandra founded a financial planning practice and is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and Chartered Financial Analyst professional. At Cassandra Smalley Wealth Management her practice focuses on the unique needs of women business owners, entrepreneurs, and busy working moms to take the stress out of finances so that they can focus on what matters most. Recognizing that women deserved more authentic and genuine connections with advice that aligned with their personal values, Cassandra’s practice provides true one-on-one support to design your best life.

After 15 years in financial services and seeing first-hand how critical it is for women to be engaged in financial planning conversations, Cassandra felt called to publish a book based on her experiences. Her book, The Why of Wealth: Mastering the Steps to a Wealthy Mindset to Live a Joyful Life, was published in March 2023. Through stories and interviews, finances become more approachable, relatable, and applicable to the unique challenges and opportunities women face. Topics range from career, motherhood, relationships, elder care, gender wealth gaps, longevity, life transitions, retirement needs, setting our kids up for success, creating a lasting legacy, and most importantly, building the joyful life you deserve. It’s a heartfelt message of the importance of communication, vulnerability, honesty, inclusion, and ensuring that women have a front-row seat at the financial table.

Cassandra is the proud mother of two daughters and is still in the very busy stage of sports mom life (from gymnastics to basketball, swim team, Girl Scouts, and more!) and enjoying every moment. In her downtime, she enjoys visiting the nearby springs to paddleboard, kayak, explore nature, and tube down the river with her family. Join us in thanking Cassandra for her contributions to LSPAA and the community!