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Meet Eric Wagman, Beth Houghton, & Scott Wagman : LSPAA's January Spotlight

LSP is a Family Affair – Meet Alums Beth Houghton (1986), Scott Wagman (2008) and their son Eric Wagman (2012)

What years did you graduate from LSP?

Beth (1986), Scott (2009) and Eric (2012)

Why is LSP so important to your family?

Our LSP year was life changing for each one of us. I (Beth) was pondering a career change; my LSP class and the leadership experiences helped me find clarity around my next chapter – entering the nonprofit arena in leadership roles. Scott was a graduate of Leadership Sarasota; LSP helped change his trajectory in becoming very involved in leadership within the arts community in St. Petersburg and running for Mayor of St. Petersburg. Eric’s LSP matchmaking classmate, Holly Ghelfi, introduced him to his amazing wife Dominique Heller.”

In 2015, you (Beth and Scott) were named LSP Alumni of the year. Tell us a little about your community leadership.

Beth: “I now serve as CEO of the Juvenile Welfare Board of Pinellas County. I am excited to see Juvenile Welfare Board’s work continue to improve the lives of children and families through community-wide initiatives and over $90 million of annual funding of programs ranging from early childhood development out of school time care, school success, strengthening communities, and supporting children’s mental health. I am passionate about improving the lives of children, both because they are the innocent who cannot control their circumstances and because, as a society, improving children’s lives today and into the future is simply a smart investment.”

Beth had a head start in community service. Over the years she has been Chair or CEO of: H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center Hospital Board, Great Explorations, the Houghton-Wagman Children’s Museum, successful head of Great Ex’s(second) Capital Campaign, Suncoasters/Festival of States, St. Petersburg Rotary Club, St. Petersburg Free Clinic (both Board Chair, then CEO) and Signature Bank (now Hancock Bank). She has served with distinction on many other boards. She has been given numerous awards for community service including Ms. Sun, St. Anthony’s Community Leadership Award, St. Petersburg Key to the City, Gulf Coast Jewish and Community Services Celebrity Award, YWCA Pearls Award Personal Enrichment through Mental Health Services (PEMHS) Shine the Light Award and many more.

“Scott is President of the family real estate company, HW Properties and continues to grow its portfolio. He has served as Board Chair or both Great Explorations and American Stage Theater. He has served as a Capital Campaign Chair (third campaign) for Great Explorations. He served on the boards of St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts, Career Source Pinellas, Ronald McDonald House and American Stage. He has been recognized for his community service by Leadership St. Pete, Gulf Coast Jewish and Community Services and Personal Enrichment through Mental Health Services (PEMHS).”

“Eric is Vice President of HW Properties and is leading it into new areas. Eric played a pivotal role when he served on the Great Explorations board and now volunteers at Mattie Williams Neighborhood Family Center.”

What do you do in your spare time?

Well, life is full, so there’s not a lot of truly spare time. We (Beth and Scott) areco-parenting our 10- and 11-year-old grandsons, so life is full of sports practices, schoolwork, bedtime routines, etc. We love to travel, both with the kids and on our own. I (Beth) is involved with First Presbyterian Church. Scott enjoys occasional golf games and long evening talks with his friends on our back deck. Both of us read widely and share with each other inspirited discussions. We enjoy all our family – three adult children, their spouses and four grandsons.”

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