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Meet Maggie Knaust, Class of 2016, Chair of LSP Class of 2023

Meet Maggie Knaust! Class of 2016 graduate and the current LSP Chair for the class of 2023.

Maggie has been pouring back into theLeadership St. Pete program since her graduation, serving on the Planning Committee in 2018, and again from 2020 to the present. Her greatest takeaway from the LSP experience has been the incredible friendships she has made.

In addition to wearing her LSP Chair hat, Maggie works as a business litigator for Trenam Law. Maggie’s hobbies include walking, cooking, and spending time with her friends, family, and fur babies (Ollie and Rudy).

When asked about this year’s class, Maggie said that the year was full of challenges, however, it has been incredibly rewarding. She continues to believe in the magic of LSP and is honored to have been able to serve an organization that has done so much for her and the community. The biggest takeaway from her chair experience has been that "the conversations we are having as a society continue to get harder. She added that it is all the more important to give one another the benefit of the doubt and find the ways in which we are similar. “Curiosity rather than judgement is how we can approach viewpoints that are not the same as our own” said Knaust.

Her favorite thing about the 2023 class is that both them and the Planning Committee are really funny! They made her laugh all the time. When Maggie has completed her service as this year’s class chair, she plans to spend her newfound time with her family, working client trials, taking a trip to Costa Rica, and most importantly, undoubtedly saying YES to exciting unknown opportunities!