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Meet our New President

Dr. Sheron Brown assumes role as LSPAA President

Effective February 1, 2023, serving as LSPAA president through July 2024, is class of 2018’s Dr. Sheron Brown. Known as a “health disruptor,” Dr. Sheron Brown is an award-winning and internationally recognized social innovator and total wellbeing expert. Her pioneering and innovative nature led her to create an award-winning app dedicated to connecting nonprofits in their local areas. As a tech entrepreneur, Dr. Brown mentors health start-ups, advising them on health equity and coaching frameworks.

Dr. Brown has authored several books, including The Conscious Collaboration PathwayTM, The Wellness Purpose ConnectionTM , and most recently, a journal set for publication later this year.

Dr. Brown recently resigned as the CEO and Executive Director of the Tampa Bay Health Collaborative, where she used her expertise to bring awareness and education to local communities while promoting and advancing health equity.

A celebrated speaker, Dr. Brown has spoken in front of audiences of all sizes on the topics of wellbeing, health, purpose, and Conscious Collaboration. Her TEDx Talk entitled “How Your Work Could Influence Your Well-Being” focuses on the idea that work is not really about the work as much as it is about becoming.

A graduate of Howard University, her education and background involve neuro-leadership and integrative nutritional health. Dr. Brown is a trained coach and yoga instructor and holds certifications in Oneness Meditation, HeartMath stress, and wellbeing.

Dr. Brown believes there is a direct connection between purpose and our work. In her work, she often notes that illness, stress, or anxiety often indicates imbalance in some areas of a person’s life. Her life’s purpose is to walk in freedom and expansion while helping others realize they can do the same.

Dr. Brown made St. Petersburg her home in 2017, then soon after began to lay down her roots as a LSP graduate, class of 20GR8TEEN (2018). She has since served on the LSP Planning Committee for the classes of 2019 and 2020. She has also served on the LSPAA Board since 2019. Now as Board President, she holds the vision of using the power of alumni engagement to expand and elevate LSPAA's deep commitment to community service, relationship building, and leadership.

"The LSP community helped to make St. Pete home for me and it is because of this I am so honored to give back through serving as the President. I am grateful," says Dr. Brown.

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