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New Clothes for Kids

LSPAA School Uniform Donation

Barbara Grilli (Class of 2014)

On March 22, the LSPAA Community Service Committee delivered more than 150 uniforms to Campbell Park Elementary school as the first milestone in its new Lifting Young Leaders program. Your LSPAA Community Services Committee partnered with Campbell Park’s Assistant Principal, Kim Noorbakhsh, and Family and Community Liaison, Carlos Childs, to help serve the needs of St. Pete's great students.

In addition to their key objective of education, Campbell Park Elementary is challenged with filling basic student needs. If these needs were left unmet, education would be nearly impossible. For this reason, the school maintains a supply of essential clothing and food in a common pantry for its students. LPSAA’s new foundation and a generous donation from the Owen Family Foundation provided funding to restock the shelves with school uniforms. In addition, the committee has added an Amazon wishlist to our LSPAA’s website. (Please select "Barbara Grilli's Gift Registry Address" at Checkout)

The Community Service Committee's plans include donating new shoes to St Pete students. The target delivery is August, just in time for back to school after everyone has grown over the summer! For more information on LSPAA’s Lifting Young Leaders program, please contact Barbara Grilli at

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