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Sunlight Feature - Green Thumb Festival

36th Annual Green Thumb Festival

Michelle Anderson (Class of 2021)

St Pete's Green Thumb Festival began as an Arbor Day Celebration on April 11, 1986. Since then, it has blossomed into a magnificent turnout - this year, there were more than 200 vendors and over 35,000 attendees.

There isn't a need for a green thumb to enjoy this festival. A nose and eyes will serve you well. Stroll through the park, breath in, and appreciate what Mother Nature, plus countless hobbyists, teachers, and vendors, have to offer. If marveling at endless botanical wonders is not enough to scratch your ivy itch, the festival offers introductory to advanced workshops. In a workshop this year, individuals created their very own array of succulents for display in their home, office, or patio garden. Another workshop taught attendees to grow a greener planet by upcycling containers into herb planters.

Plants play a vital role in our lives so take advantage of the free space, clean air, and healthy environment next year at the 37th Annual Green Thumb Festival. Click here to Forget Me Not!

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