The Best St. Pete Networking Advice I Ever Got

Darryl Feldman (Class of 2018)

Every community is unique. How to make relationships in every community is unique, too.

I am a connector at heart. So, when I moved here almost six years ago, I didn’t know how to make meaningful relationships in our sunny city. I was amazed by the openness, transparency, and willingness influential members across our community exhibited in social and networking settings. One such evening, I found myself sharing a pleasant chat with a woman in the Arts & Culture scene who was respectfully, way above my connectedness level.

I asked her, “I’m pretty new here. I’d like to figure out how relationships work in St. Pete. I value your counsel. May I buy you a cup of coffee?” That was one of the most invaluable conversations I’ve ever had.

A few days later, we found ourselves tucked in between snazzy racing bikes and steaming java at The Bikery. Through her sips, she said:

“You need to remember and say three things: One, I have no ego. Two, I have ideas and am ready, willing, and excited to share them to make St. Pete a better place. And three, I love this City.  If you genuinely believe and do these three things…then every door is open.”  

It was the most sincere and best advice I’ve received since calling St. Pete home. It’s been my True North for building meaningful personal and business relationships. Upon practice and reflection, I’ll add a fourth one to the list: A friendly cup of coffee can go a long way.

So. Go and build meaningful relationships. Go make our sunny community a better place. One cup of joe at a time. And while you do it…I’m always more than happy to meet a new friend for a friendly chat over a cup of coffee.

Darryl Feldman

Director, Strategy & Partnerships

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