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What's New - The LSPAA Foundation

Great News, LSP Alumni!

In 2021, under the leadership of Board Members Paul Stellrecht and Barbara Grilli, LSPAA established a foundation with 501(c)(3) status.

The LSPAA Foundation is now tax-exempt and can accept tax-deductible donations or apply for grants available only to 501(c)(3) organizations.

What does this mean?

When our Alumni Association accepts sponsorships and donations for our scholarships, events, and community service projects, these will be tax-deductible for all donors. Our tax-deductible status also covers all in-kind donations with this same tax advantage. This includes goods and services like catering and event space for programs we host, or school supplies we share with St. Pete students. Cash donations through LSPAA  scholarships programs are also now tax-deductible.

How you can help:

- Spread the word about our new 501(c)(3) status to donors so we can create more goodwill for our St. Pete community!

- Check if your workplace has a charitable matching fund program. Remember, any donations you make to LSPAA may be matched.

- Visit and share our donation page!

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