Class of 2007

PC Chair:
Melanie J. Bevan
PC Chair-Elect:
Class Project:
Mount Zion Children’s Center, St. Petersburg

Class List

Matthew Becker

April Bogar

Michael Carpenter

Sharon Carron

Cary Cash

Noreen Corcoran

Sonya Duran

Phyllis Eig

Jessica Eilerman

Keith Goree

Jonathan Gotwald

Kimberly Gustafson

Felicia Harvey

Roger Johnson

Kathie Johnson

Tracy Jones

Maria Kadu

Brian Killingsworth

Michael Kovacsev

Man Le

Ian Leavengood

Gilad Livingstone

Jennifer Maxwell

T. Bullitt McCoun

Cynthia McGowen

Isaac McKinney

Sean McQuaid

Amber Overby

Ginger Reichl

Christopher Russick

Robert Sherman

Bonnie Tefft

Donna Walsh

Carl Watts

Camille Williams

About the LSPAA Project

"Small Kids, Big Dreams" Extensive renovations to three classrooms, a teachers’ lounge, and creation of an outdoor learning area complete with dinosaur pit and new landscaping.

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