Class of 2013

PC Chair:
J. Kurt Petersen
PC Chair-Elect:
Class Project:
PARC, Inc. (Providing Advocacy and Recognizing Capabilities)

Class List

Eric Brust

Bonnie Bush

Daniel Cole

Carey Cox

Matt Dieter

Eric Douthirt

Bryan Eichler

Preston Faykus

Sonja Felton

Carolyn Fries

Steve Girk

Valerie Gliem

Tee Grizzard

Mark Hanks

David Harris

Barbara Higel

Michael Igel

Shameka Jones

Blakemore Kearney

David Kirk

Jesse Landis

Madeline McCarthy

Kimberly Payne

Phil Peyton

Tobin Robeck

Debra Roman

Edward Scott

Aaron Shewood

Todd Smith

Adam Smith

Nathan Stonecipher

Ian Womack

Nicole Ziegler

About the LSPAA Project

"Planting the Seed," focused on PARC’s outdoor areas, created new opportunities for residents, and beautified the property. The class constructed and improved vegetable, flower, and herb gardens; renovated a greenhouse; and improved landscaping and irrigation systems – all of which provided sustainable therapeutic and vocational opportunities for residents, healthy fresh vegetables for PARC group homes, and a sustainable enterprise through the sale of fresh grown herbs and vegetables at the St. Petersburg "Green Thumb Festival" and fresh markets throughout the year.

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