Class of 2014

PC Chair:
Marcos Ibarguen
PC Chair-Elect:
Class Project:
St. Vincent de Paul

Class List

Kristina Alspaw

Robbie Artz

Johnny Bardine

Shaina Bent

Erica Boags

Christopher Burke

Brian Ceras

Bob Crawford

Freddy Cuevas

Karen Davis-Pritchett

Stephen Edinger

Forrest Eleazer

Barbara Grilli

Paul Halle

Tim Hudson

Jason Kotsko

Ginger Lettelleir

Lavah Lowe

Colby Masterson

Kelly Lee McFrederick

Kristen McGettigan

Rachel McNeil

Sarah Miller

Hutch Pinder

Sherry Powell

Marta Przyborowski

Mark Rankin

Katherine Rush

Jennifer Sewell

Amanda Singleton

Amy St. Hart

Karen Swager

Justine Talmadge

Taylor Traviesa

David Vann

Ari Weisberg

Ed Woodward

Nikolas Ziehe

About the LSPAA Project

The class focused on creating indoor and outdoor spaces for families accepted into a newly created family program at St. Vincent de Paul. A playground was constructed in unused space; a family study/entertainment area was refurbished; an outdoor activity and gathering space was created; the entryway was updated; and the dining room was completely remodeled.

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