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Class of 2015

PC Chair:
Kathleen Larrison
PC Chair-Elect:
Class Project:
Suncoast Center, South St. Pete Facility

Class List

Orlando Acosta

John Bothwell

Bo Brault

Craig Brown

Tim Church

Paul Craig

Lindsay Cross

Jacob Diaz

Joshua Gayne

Ivan Hopkins

Nikolas Hove

Melanie Jackson

Heidi Joswig

Kelly Kirschner

Ya La'ford

George Lofton

Christopher Mallardi

Canaan McCaslin

Shaun McClung

Elena Mesa

Taylor Montgomery

Mika Nelson

Christina Nethero

Thomas Plummer

Woodrow Pollack

James Sandford

Abby Sterensis

Katherine Sterling

Jesse Stroud

Ryan Tarrant

Stephon Thomas

Dorothy Tucker

Cathy Waters

Amy Weber

Matthew Westerman

Kevin Yeager

Laura Zuppo

About the LSPAA Project

The project focused on extending the capacity of the Center. The renovations consisted of a remodeling and expansion of the facility's waiting room, and the development of an entirely new group family room. In addition to the physical changes, the class reached out to the community hosting a family fun day at the center.

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