Class of 2016

PC Chair:
Leah Bickley
PC Chair-Elect:
Class Project:
Alpha House

Class List

Jeff Baker

Stephen Chumbris

Adam Colby

Justin L. Dees

Cynthia Dobyns

Lynne Donahoe

Tara Wood Dozark

Lisa Ferrer

Joe Fontana

Brian Ford

Ashby Green

Jon Hammond

Carrie Harrill-Smith

Ryan Hartney

Jessica Higgins

Cheryl Johnson

Kristine Kirstein

Maggie Kramer

Angela Leiner

Rachel Lewinsohn

Clark Lohmiller

Laura Maynard

Missy McNabb

Lisa Oberstar

David O'Neill

Scott Pearce

Lexi Plummer

Daniel Quarles

Will Reed

Cameron Solley

David Strupp

Aaron Swift

Debbie Turner

David S. Walker

Kristin Whitaker

About the LSPAA Project

The class updated the security and conducted needed renovations as part of this project to ensure a safe and nurturing environment for the young mothers and babies who reside there during the first 18 months of each infant’s life. Improvements include a safe play area for the toddlers, better security cameras, locks on doors, repairs to the perimeter fencing and automatic gate, landscaping and shade in a courtyard gathering area, and interior space improvements.

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