Class of 2018

PC Chair:
Janette Dean
PC Chair-Elect:
Class Project:
Sail Future

Class List

Jillian Bandes

Ben Berry

Mike Brassaw

Adam Brouillet

Sheron Brown

Scott Callison

Otilia Canter

Brian Caper

Danielle Contino

Michelle Cyr

Nikki Devereux

Darryl Feldman

Martin Frame

Brian Gainer

Andy Gaunce

Ericka Guy

Irena Karolak

Edward Lewis

Elizabeth Mack

Mike Magidson

Madeline Manlove

Miguel Miranda

Derrick Nelson

Greg Newman

Jimmy Reed

Doug Rifenburg

Alison Riley

Maren Rogers

Rebecca Schulkowski

Ian Shelby

Cassandra Smalley

Debbie Sokolov

Rachael Stanger

Lisa Suprenand

Loretta Thompson

Pam Walker

Ashley Ward-Singleton

Kristy Wiegmann

Melissa Williams

Daniel Zepp

About the LSPAA Project

The class did many interior and exterior upgrades to improve the curb appeal and facilitate hands-on learning opportunities at the SailFuture home. Home improvements included exterior cleanup, painting, and landscaping, while interior space upgrades included a build-out of the existing garage to create the new workshop. The project would also included installation of a new dock so that the sailboat could be housed on site for convenience and further educational opportunities.

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