Class of 2020

PC Chair:
Madeline McCarthy-Anderson
PC Chair-Elect:
Class Project:
Family Resources, Fighting Chance Fund

Class List

Dr. Lily Abadal

Stacy Alexander

Sean Barber

Alyssa Bedard

Julie Bostick

Christie Bruner

Bo Countryman

Shanna DiNobile

Shawn Drouin

Michael Dudek

David Fanciullacci

Chloe Firebaugh

Stacy Gerardo

Patrick Gessleman

Leslie Hafer

Acquandist Hamilton

Anne Hathorn

Katie Jackson

Jacqueline Jarrell

Jake Kent

LaShante Keys

Michael Labbee

Sarah Lindemuth

Justin McClain

Brian Miles

Stephanie Morge

Ron Platt

Jenny Putrino

Beth Reynolds

Melissa Salamanca

Frank Sepcic

Sherri Smith-Dodgson

Mark Sprague

Mike Thackrey

Debbie Viveiros

Chief Keith Watts

Russell Williams

Alexander Zesch

About the LSPAA Project

The class initially planned to renovate and enhance the community resource center at Family Resources Inc. When COVID-19 interrupted regularly scheduled programming, the class decided to give Family Resources money towards the initial intended outcome, then pivot to focus on a leadership initiative impacting the community as a whole. The class supported the City of St. Petersburg's Fighting Chance Fund to raise funds and awareness, giving the businesses of St. Petersburg a Fighting Chance to make it through the pandemic. The class hosted virtual events, made a community calendar, and had a mural painted downtown to raise funds and awareness.

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