Class of 2021

PC Chair:
Lucinda Grant
PC Chair-Elect:
Lindsay Petty
Class Project:
Mustard Seed Inn

Class List

Michelle Anderson

Ryan Baker

Will Baldwin

David Battle

Brandee Bolden

Jene't Bolden

Denyve Boyle

Nathan Bruemmer

Craig Cahill

Andy Chee

Kean Clifford

Elke Cumming

Treva Davis

Scott Drouin

Esther Eugene

Raymond Fajardo

Tony Finotti

Brad Gullett

Clifford Hobbs

Daina Kelly

Amanda Kubisiak

Renee' Long

Leah McRae

Ronnell Montgomery

Bridget Narvaez

Caryn Nesmith

Michelle Nielsen

Emily Nipps

Morgan Permuy

Keosha Poole

Mike Ramsey

Tim Rankin

Nicole Roberts

Roger Ross

Jessica Small

Angela Smoot

Jenna Stock

Sarah-Jane Vatelot

Yale Walker

Carson Williams

Seeds of Hope

The Class of 2021derful set out to plant “Seeds of Hope” at Westcare Foundation’s Mustard Seed Inn. The Mustard Seed Inn (MSI) is a transitional housing facility for homeless adults in recovery from alcohol, drug abuse, and/or mental illness. MSI serves more than 200 clients each year and has been a sanctuary for more than 20 years for St. Petersburg residents who are battling the disease of addiction. The facility had not been updated since its opening until the Class of 2021derful stepped in to help.

The Class raised more than $150,000 in cash and in-kind donations. With this funding the Class was able to revamp the community living areas of MSI including the living room, computer room, and outdoor area. The Class created a brand-new resource center in the existing computer room with shelving, computers, and chairs; gave the rooms and exterior a fresh coat of paint, put all new furniture in the living room; installed bike racks, a workout station, grill, and storage space; and completely redid the landscaping, installing new trees, flowers, plants, mulch, and gravel. The Class was able to have a colorful mural painted on the corner of the outdoor area to brighten the facility and instill hope in its residents.Even down to the smallest touches like the installation of custom cat beds and play areas to entertain their furry guests, this class thought of it all. This project proved to be fruitful and can be seen at the corner of 25th Street North and Central Avenue.

About the “Seeds of Hope” Project

This class project is called “Seeds of Hope” because of its focus on: 

  • Restoration [restore pride + confidence]: Physical facility improvements aim to restore clients’ pride in their home and create a sense of self-esteem within the community.
  • Cultivation [cultivate growth + empowerment]: Elevated community areas, outdoor space and resource center provide a more equitable environment for individual     growth and development.
  • Belonging [promote community engagement]: Increased awareness and integration of Mustard Seed Inn within the community promotes unity and greater engagement opportunities.
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