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Class of 2023

PC Chair:
Maggie Knaust
PC Chair-Elect:
Leslie Hafer
Class Project:
Conscious Collaboration

Class List

Aaron  Germundsen

Al Gentilini

Alexandra DySard

Alfio Carroccetto

Allison McKown

Anne Core

Aron Bryce

Dr. Beverly Warren

Brittney Frazier

Bryan Dion

Dr. Byron Green Calisch

Callie Barber

Christopher Griffin

Dr. Christopher Talluto

Dr. Cyndi Mitchell

David Brett

Demetrius N. Taylor

Dr. Kristen Brauer

Erin Flock

Jake Moore

Jeanene Ruska

John Henry Flood

Joshua Verch

Kelli McDonaugh

Kristin Sakora

Lola B. Morgan

Manny Carmona III

Megan McGee

Mindi M. Richter

Missy Hurley

Morgan Puttick

Nicole D Walker

Pamela Lee

Robin Ingles

Ryan Quinty

Dr. Sandy Weiss

Sebastian Leon

Steven Marciano

The LSP Class of 2023 was proud to complete its class project, “Conscious Collaboration,” that created flexible, technology-supported workspaces for nonprofit leaders at Allendale Equity & Justice Center.

LSP Class of 2023 converted former preschool classrooms into collaborative spaces for nonprofit leaders and change-makers. After renovations, the rooms are now flexible and technology-supported spaces that nonprofits can use to host meetings, workshops, and events.

The core project mission was to create collaborative spaces for local change-makers to exchange ideas, build partnerships, coordinate rapid responses to emerging or immediate community needs, and plan actions that solve social issues.

Project Goals

Improve: Become an incubator for equity and justice work.

Transform: Turn unused and outdated classrooms into hubs for social change.

Upgrade: Create collaborative, tech-supported spaces for local change-makers.

Connect with Class Members